About OACIS Off Airport Check In Solutions


OACIS enables an amazing off airport baggage transfer & check-in experience for customers by doing the following:

1. Checking in customers to their flights at off airport locations such as cruise line ports and many more.
OACIS | Baggage Transfer Solutions - Check In for your Flight in Advance
2. Taking care of customers’ baggage by checking it onto their flight.
OACIS | Baggage Transfer Solutions - Baggage Tagged
3. Transferring customers’ travel bags to the airport and onto their flight.
OACIS | Baggage Transfer Solutions - Baggage is Transferred to the Airport
4. Providing customers with customised experiences to make best use of extra time created, such as sightseeing, shopping, dining and many more.
OACIS | Baggage Transfer Solutions - Gives you a hassle free day of exploration


Creating freedom, flexibility and fun


To create and sustain a market leading and commercially successful off-airport check-in business.

To energetically and profitably grow the business through multiple channels and locations.

To be a respected employer with leading customer advocacy.



We constantly seek to provide the very best experiences for our customers.

  • Our efforts are directed by customer’s needs, feedback and advocacy,
  • Each of us understands our role in the context of what is best for our customers, and
  • By caring for and supporting each other we create the best environment for ourselves and our customers.


We are committed to achieving the highest levels of safety and security.

  • Our jobs and the company’s success depends on the wellbeing of one another,
  • Maintaining compliance with our policies and procedures, and
  • Constantly act to maintain and enhance our open reporting and just culture.


We behave, at all times, honestly, morally and ethically.

  • Doing what we say we’re going to do,
  • Always doing what’s right for our people, our customers, our company and ourselves, and
  • Being transparent, fair and trustworthy.


We will provide support to one another, work co-operatively, respect each other’s views and make our work environment fun and enjoyable.

  • When we are unsure we check with others as to what they meant,
  • Everyone has strengths which we value and will use whenever possible, and
  • Working together to achieve mutually beneficial results, if one fails, we all fail.


We seek to identify and implement new and unique ideas to enhance our customer’s experiences.

  • The status quo must always be challenged,
  • Acting nimbly, with agility and efficiently, and
  • Simplicity over complexity.